100% Asset-Backed Crowdfunding Projects For Profit

The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) has created the guidelines that determine the entities that can be classified as "Accredited Investors".  To comply with the SEC Accredited Investor classifications, PowerStone is structured to send a pre-qualification document to all prospective investment parties. 

SEC 506(c) Asset-Backed Private Offering For Profit:  Under the current "Jumpstart Our Business Startup Act" or JOBS Act  of 2012, there is a safe and transparent system offered by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) to invest and/or lend funds into viable income-producing projects and transactions. Properly structured SEC 506(c) Asset-Backed Offerings can be used to fund qualified Crowdfunding and Bridge Loans that can generate high annual investment profits.

PowerStone Companies Offer Multiple Financial Opportunities:   The PowerStone Companies (PowerStone) are organized to develop, promote and support many types of global trade and economic development activities.  The SEC 506(c) Asset-Backed Offering that is structured by PowerStone is not the only Secured Bridge Lender or Secured Crowdfunding Investor option offered by the PowerStone Companies.  Current PowerStone operational procedures can provide all the features that qualified, sophisticated and fully secured, asset-backed investors or commercial lenders will require for short or long term working relationships. 

506(c) Investors and Lenders as well as Asset-Backed Structured Finance Business Entities can be used to activate and/or operate various types of projects and transactions.  

Asset-Backed Structured Finance transactions are less costly and are organized to use the same safe and transparent procedures and also generate high annual profits like the SEC 506(c) Offerings.  A mutual agreement between the parties can activate either one of the Asset-Backed Funding Options.  

Who Qualifies as a SEC 506 (c) or Structured Finance Investor?

PowerStone offers the only 100% insured Crowdfunding and/or Structured Finance Program that guarantees a full return of loan principal and mutually negotiated and agreed loan interest.  The PowerStone production and operational models are structured to generate substantial amounts of capital each revolving trade cycle by operating in diverse and very lucrative industries.

PowerStone Revenue Generating Systems (PRGS)