How Are The PowerStone Companies Structured?

The PowerStone Companies are multifaceted businesses that jointly operate as global trade networking businesses of specialized commodities, high-value laser manufactured products and diverse economic development services and properties.  With the help of a global network of business associates and a major financial institution, the PowerStone Companies have organized a global wholesale investment diamond manufacturing and marketing facility.  These facilities are structured to use a major portion of its profits to create, activate and operate viable Commercial Real Estate (CRE) and other income-producing projects and related transactions.   

PowerStone Global Trade Alliances & Joint Participation Agreements

Since the original concepts for the business and operational models for the PowerStone Companies were created, the original principals and their global associates realized that the companies had to follow some basic guidelines.  First of all it was established that the PowerStone Companies had to function as flexible and scalable entities that developed, designed and operated exotic and exciting global projects to promote economic development.  The second realization for PowerStone and its global associates was that limitations had to be put into place to maintain total quality control.  To properly pursue its original business model PowerStone developed a concept to negotiate and engage "Debt and/or Equity Associates" that were qualifed to add value and participate in select and viable income-producing project or related transaction.

The PowerStone Companies are members of RapNet.  RapNet is the world's largest online diamond trading network with daily listings of over 1.2 million diamonds valued at $8.2 billion and 14,125 members in 88 countries.  Access is limited to members of the diamond and jewelry trade.  PowerStone High-Value Wholesale Investment Grade Natural Diamonds are structured to be pre-sold to pre-qualified diamond buyers every revolving trade cycle.

The PowerStone Companies understand that every investment transaction will be different and require specific terms and conditions to reach the intended goals.  To develop, build and operate specific types of properties, the PowerStone Companies have created short and long term limited ownership and qualified investor and lender participation projects and transactions.  These Asset-Backed Crowdfunding relationships are classified as "Active or Passive" transactions.  They are created to be eligible under the SEC 506(c) JOBS ACT rules and regulations and can be organized as "Debt and/or Equity" Joint Participation or Strategic Alliance Agreements.  PowerStone "Structured Finance Agreements" can also be negotiated to produce substantial financial returns.

PowerStone Operating Limitations and Restrictions