PowerStone Lenders, Profts & Project Listings

PowerStone Investor & Lender Profiles:  PowerStone global trade activities are designed for qualified Accredited Investors and Lenders that understand Corporate and Institutional as well as Structured Finance transactions.  For projects and transaction that involve very lucrative activities involving ammusement, entertainment and toursim activties, the PowerStone Companies offer more exotic activities under the Green Beard global marketing trademark.   PowerStone currently offers the only Crowdfunding Program that guarantees Investors and Lenders a 100% return of loan principal and full payment of negotiated ROI (loan interest).

The PowerStone Companies have many types of global business opportunities available for qualified businesses and economic development firms.  In many cases PowerStone sponsored projects are custom designed to be extremely lucrative because Debt and Equity Participation Agreements as well as Strategic Alliances and/or other Joint Participation Agreements  can be created.   These types of relationship aggrements give "Active or Passive" Investors and Lenders the ability to receive a substantial annual ROI profits from multiple revenue streams.                     

  • Global Community Economic Development Projects
  • Global Trade Manufacturing & Marketing Projects
  • Alternative Energy - Remote Production Systems
  • Global Luxury Corp. Business, Hospitality & Entertainment Projects
  • Global Transportation Projects
  • Global Custom Designed CRE Projects

PowerStone Investor & Lender Profit Potentials:  All PowerStone global trade projects and related transactions are custom designed to match financial objectives of each qualified Investor and/or Lender.  As a result of this business practice, there are limitations to the amount of projects and transactions that PowerStone can undertake at a given time.  However, because of this same business practice, PowerStone is able to create very sophisticated global trade projects and transactions that are capable of generating high-single digit profits and double digit profits that can potentially generate over 30% Annual ROI for advanced and more aggressive projects involving multiple revenue streams.

PowerStone Current Projects & Related Transaction Listings:  The PowerStone  projects and transactions are organized to use only the services of qualified Investors or Lenders.  To pre-qualify new Investors or Lenders, PowerStone  is required to introduce a corporate representative to explain operational procedures and suggest various legal methods that could be employed that would be acceptable to the participating financial and compliance institutions.  All new prospective Investors or Lenders must provide some preliminary information by submitting a general idea of who they are and what they would like to achieve.  The submitted e-mail located on the Contact Information page will be sent to a PowerStone representative that will contact the sender to discuss projects or transactions that may match specific financial desires, needs and future intents without divulging any specific financial or proprietary information.

There are currently four (4) PowerStone Trade Projects Available 

All global trade projects and transactions that are created, supported or promoted by PowerStone are designed to operate in one of the categories listed below.