Professional Services Provided By PowerStone

International Trade

The PowerStone Companies  understand the terminology and procedures to undertake International Trade transactions that safely and transparently transfer funds and products between countries.

Asset-Backed Lending

The terminology and procedures to undertake Asset-Backed Lending transactions are well known to the PowerStone Companies.

PowerStone understands and is familiar with the specialized and sophisticated services that are offered by the Corporate Trust Services of major financial institutions.

There are six (6) primary factors that allow the PowerStone Companies to operate comfortably in the SEC 506(c) Asset-Backed Private Offering and the Asset-Backed Structured Finance arena.

All PowerStone projects and related transactions are structured to promote global economic development and to support the diversification of global trade activities.

The SEC 506(c) Offerings that were developed to  provide rules and regulations for prospective and qualified investors are well known by PowerStone.

The PowerStone Companies operate in international markets and are required to provide financial and operational reports to governmental agencies and specified financial parties. 

SEC 506(c) Guidelines

Compliance Reporting

Global Trade Networks

Corporate Trust Services